Northwest Artisans is dedicated to providing high quality products and services while maintaining a real commitment to local materials and sound practices.

For us this means showcasing specialty woods from Northwest Washington, and supporting the small landowners that practice sustainable harvesting, milling and curing.

We handpick furniture and cabinet grade woods from several landowners in the San Juan Islands that have managed forests for generations. Together with a forest ecologist we are able to ensure our producer's commitment to maintaining healthy, resilient, and diverse forests.

It is a privilege to highlight local materials, which are ecologically sound, visually interesting, and always unique.

We are able to accommodate special needs and custom orders for any project.

Species and varieties available to us include:
  • Red Alder
  • Western Maple
  • Cherry
  • Douglas Fir
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Western Hemlock
  • Madrona