Cornelius Sprenger

Cornelius "Kees" Sprenger has expressed his life-long passion for traditional design while working in several trades including wooden boatbuilding, silversmithing, and carpentry. These pursuits have taken him from the San Juan Islands to Norway, and most recently to Seattle. Kees lived in Norway for 10 years, where he became professionally credentialed in boatbuilding and marine restoration. He also studied fine metalwork and design in Telemark, designed and installed a boatbuilding exhibit for the maritime museum in Bergen, and helped a community group build a traditional sailing vessel near Trondheim. In 2005, he joined 4 other Norwegians in sailing a small boat from Miami to northern Norway (a 55 day trip, if you're wondering!) Kees shows a flare for combining old-world workmanship with modern materials and fresh designs. He brings his knowledge of traditional construction and timeless design to Northwest Artisans in working with clients to document and renovate existing structures and develop contemporary projects. Currently living in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, he remains connected to his clients and projects in the San Juan Islands and Norway.

Sally Huntley

Sally Huntley has been involved in the design and creation of living spaces since her early years on one of the outer San Juan Islands. As teenagers, she and her sister set out to build a house from local materials. Beginning with a sketch on a napkin at the dinner table, the two carried the project through to completion, selecting logs from the beach to haul to the local mill for lumber and salvaging old windows and metal roofing. They drew on the welding expertise of their father to help produce a wood stove for heat and cooking, and created unique ceramic tiles for the hearth. From this hands-on beginning, Sally has developed a unique mastery of combining wood and metal. Her flair for new combinations of materials and a passion for colors and textures is an important component to her well-crafted work. Now in Seattle, she has expanded her metalworking skills at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Sally brings to Northwest Artisans her keen eye for design and practical experience as she works with her clients to conceive of and fabricate unique works.

Armoshaun Toft

Amoshaun Toft began woodcarving and woodworking in high school, influenced by traditional American furniture and Northwest Coast Native design. He developed these interests while in design school in Denmark, expanding his notions of original design and craftsmanship. He combines his eye for design with his interest in ecological design and building by incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials into many of his projects. Some of his previous projects have included major home renovations, straw bale construction, finish carpentry and furniture building.